Nine Year Miracle -
The Caleb Lucas Story

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Nine Year Miracle- The Caleb Lucas Story

I knew this precious little angel and his mom but i didn't know his life story! What an amazing tribute of love and strength. Caleb was and will always be a blessing! Would recommend this book to everyone, it's sad but also inspiring! Truly written from her heart 💔 we all miss you sweet Caleb

This is absolutely an amazing story. It exemplifies the epitome of true love that allows us to overcome our fears as well as move forward in spite of facing adversity that appears to be prevailing. I laughed as well as cried while reading this. It is a definite must read for anyone needing encouragement that anything is possible if we just believe and that no matter what the outcome may be, we can still have joy in the midst of the storm.

 Despite all the hurts and betrayal, we encountered during this journey I have somehow become so thankful for it! Without that I would have never tapped into my inner-strengths and been able to accomplish the things i was able to, to ensure Caleb could live his best life while he was here. And still working so hard to make sure that children and adults like him can live their best lives. Sometimes in life we wonder why? Caleb taught me to stop asking why and live! Live, Caleb lived and loved with his shoe heart even though he only had half! My little half of heart baby impacted so many and will continue to! Embrace life with a smile! Give it all you've got and know that no matter what, it will all eventually work out for the good in the end!
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